Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Happy Birthday, Louie!

Today is my longtime friend and business partner's birthday. While I am sure his family will celebrate today, rumor has it there will be a poker night soon for Louie to celebrate with friends.
In September 1987, I started what I thought would be a short-term part-time job at Lerner Newspapers. Louie was one of the first people I met there. Little did I know 34+ years later I would think of him as a brother and his family as my extended family.
A great basketball player, Louie has always been hard-working and humble. I'd say he is a great friend and he would shrug it off. That's Lou.
He put me on his softball team during a bad time in my life. I wasn't very good, but friendship meant more to Louie than my contributions. He never got on my for a bad game and always congratulated me when I had a good game. That's Lou.
When Lerner was folding and Louie and I were leaving the Sun-Times, when he said he'd go into business with me, I never hesitated. A better business partner I could not find.
We've been around the country for business and fun. We've worked all hours and all places. It's always more fun than work when we are in it together.
I have seen less of Louie during the pandemic, but we keep in contact with an occasional call or texts. It doesn't matter though. I always know if I needed Lou, he'd be there in a second. That's Lou.
Today I celebrate Louie's birthday and I thank him for being a friend and a brother. Hppy birthday, Lou, but I'm still going to take your money on poker night.
Peter, Effie, Michael, Christopher and Louie in Florida-August 2018.

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Nancy said...

Sorry I missed your Birthday, Louie. Hope you had a great day!