Friday, March 25, 2022

On the Beat With Vera Jo Bustos

I had the pleasure of interviewing Vera Jo Bustos, a former college and pro basketball player, who went on to become a coach, motivational speaker and now, an author. Vera Jo details her fascinating life in her book "A Mindful Journey: An Adventure of Discovery & Transformation" and gives us a brief look in our interview. That interview is at On the Beat With Vera Jo Bustos.

After a standout career at Adams State University, which would ultimately lead to her induction into the ASU Hall of Fame, Vera Jo went to Greece to play. The decision to play in Greece turned out to be much more than simply continuing her playing career. Vera Jo describes it as "an adventure of a lifetime." It was an experience that would shape her life.

In "A Mindful Journey," Vera Jo tells her story of going to a foreign land, learning the language of the people and the game. It's a story of dealing with obstacles and of self-discovery. 

Vera Jo gives a glimpse into her philosophies of mental toughness and attitudes. In a matter of a few minutes, Vera Jo clearly describes and gives examples of changing a mindset and practices. Of course, she goes into much more detail in her book, but this short interview shed a lot of light on her thought process. It's easy to see why Vera Jo is a successful motivational speaker. She even speaks of the rush she gets as she heads out to speak. It's much more than a job for Vera Jo. It's a calling and a passion.

After researching Vera Jo and talking to her, I was so impressed, I immediately ordered her book. Clearly I am not a young athlete, but if Vera Jo could enlighten me in just a few minutes of talking, I have no doubt her book will teach me valuable lessons for life.

I thank Vera Jo for her time and consideration. I encourage everyone to check out and

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