Friday, April 8, 2022

Happy Birthday Nancy!

Today I celebrate the birthday of my eldest sister. Although she eschews the title, she is the matriarch of our family.
I found this picture of Nancy horsing around last summer. My questions is, does Sully, her ever-faithful Brittany Spaniel know Nancy was playing nice with other animals while poor Sully was left behind? Poor, poor Sully. Poor, sad, lonely, heartbroken Sully. Don't feel too bad, Sully, I wasn't there either.
Actually, Sully is one lucky pup. Nancy is a great dog mom, as well as an awesome sister. I'd say she is the best sister ever, but I am lucky enough to have two great sisters. The two best sisters ever.
Don't worry, Nanc, I am sure Sully would understand you spending time with these horses. He's a very unselfish pup. You raised him well.
We three siblings shall celebrate birthdays together soon. Until then, happy birthday from across the internet.
Nancy and her equine friends in Valparaiso, IN-July 2021.


Nancy said...

Thank you and look forward to a sibling lunch soon. 💜💜

Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday!! Sibling birthday lunch sounds great!!

Ufa88kh said...
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