Thursday, April 28, 2022

On the Beat With Barbara Jordan

Yesterday, I interviewed former softball player, coach and broadcaster Barbara Jordan. As I stated in the interview, ordinarily if I was interviewing softball legend Barbara, I would passionately dive into the world of softball. In this interview, we didn't talk about softball. This interview is perhaps the most serious and important interview I have ever done.

In this interview, Barbara talks about Always Bev, an organization to educated and empower women. Barbara created Always Bev to honor her sister Beverly, who was killed by her fiance. Simply stated Always Bev stands for Being Vigilant, but its meaning, scope and significance goes well beyond that.

Barbara talks about starting Always Bev, what it all means, being vigilant (but not fearful), services Always Bev offers and much more. I could write a lot about Always Bev and our discussion, but I urge you to watch the video. Listen to Barbara's words. See her passion. Take what she is stating to heart. The interview is at On the Beat With Barbara Jordan.

It took a lot of courage for Barbara to take her sister's tragedy and make such a positive impact in the aftermath. The world can be a scary, dangerous place, but with a little extra caution, it can be a much safer place. There are so many distractions and time constraints, but nothing should prevent a few extra seconds for awareness. These moments can be difference-makers and life-savers.

For more information on the wonderful work Always Bev does, go to Look for Always Bev – The Ripple Effect podcast for more news, tips, education and all things related to safety in every day life.

I have known Barbara for many years through our connection at National Pro Fastpitch. It was always fun seeing Barbara and sharing our love of softball at Bandits Stadium. I respect Barbara for all she accomplished in softball, but my admiration has grown immensely. There were several times I was moved near tears in this interview.

I thank Barbara for her time and consideration. Even more importantly, I thank her for taking action by starting and growing Always Bev.

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