Thursday, April 14, 2022

On the Beat With Loyola WBB Head Coach Allison Guth

A few days ago, on Global Women's Sports Radio, I wrote about Loyola hiring Allison Guth as their new Head Coach of Women's basketball. This morning I attended her introductory press conference.

This was unlike any press session I have attended. As I sat in the media area of the practice facility, I saw the room fill with one large group, which included several youngsters. I learned this was Coach Guth's family. Especially with the children, it created a lively atmosphere.

Upon her introduction, Coach Guth explained she comes from a large family, many of whom were in attendance. Coach Guth then went on to liken that family bond to creating a family situation on the women's basketball team and Loyola in general.

Coach Guth discussed the significance of returning to Loyola. She cited a fun story of her drive today in the car she borrowed from her dad. It brought back memories of her youth with her dad driving her to practice. In just a few minutes, it was very clear how important family is to Coach Guth. It was heartwarming to say the least.

She continued with talk to Loyola moving to the Atlantic 10. It's a fresh start for Loyola and it brings new challenges and opportunities.

I briefly talked to Coach Guth after the session. She spoke of being surrounded by her family, meeting the tam and the challenges ahead of her. Ever the positive person, Coach Guth again eschewed calling them challenges, preferring to look at all as opportunities.

I was very impressed by Coach Guth. Her record speaks for itself, but this was a glimpse into the person. She is fun, engaging, optimistic and rooted in family. Combined with her history, she is all you want in a coach.

Loyola's season only recently ended, but Rambler Nation is ready for next season. I am quite sure Coach Guth is already working on it.

The interview is at On the Beat With Allison Guth. Check back here for my recurring coverage.

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