Tuesday, May 3, 2022

On the Beat With Anna Young

I had the pleasure of interviewing golf pro Anna Young for Global Women's Sports Radio. A former pro player, Anna has transitioned into coaching. Our interview is at On the Beat With Ana Young.
A native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Anna started her college career at Tulsa, but transferred to Florida after one year. She played her first LPGA event in her home country Canada.
While competing, Anna already had thought of her future, which lead her to coaching. That thinking showed maturity beyond her age. That mindset helped her transition to her after her pro playing career.
Anna talked about all of this and more in our interview. She discussed her start in golf, turning her focus to coaching, her coaching style, growing the game and other topics on and of the golf course.
In our chat prior to the interview, Anna expressed an interest in discussing the transition from playing to coaching. I always want to know more about that journey, but hearing Anna's passion about it really impressed me.
Anna wants to put the spotlight on the transition to “normal life” to help others. The adjustment from one life style to the next chapter in life can be dramatic. Preparing for this move can make it easier
Anna could have promoted her coaching lessons. Instead, she wanted to tell her story, hoping it will help others. She stressed the importance of mental health. Especially with all the pressures of society today, it is so important to keep focus on mental health.
Additionally, Anna spoke of growing the game. With her personality and outlook, she is doing exactly that.
I had a lot of fun talking with Anna. She was so positive and engaging. We definitely will revisit Anna in the future.
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