Wednesday, May 18, 2022

On the Beat With David Vox Mullen

On Monday, Tommy Else and I interviewed David Vox Mullen for The Johngy "Or Else" Podcast. That interview can be found at On the Beat With David Vox Mullen.
David is a multi-talented, versatile performer. A few years ago, Paul Myers and I interviewed David for Hero TV (which can be found at Hero TV David Vox Mullen). That interview was mostly about his comedy career.
On Saturday, May 21, David's Undiscovered is released. It is an album of his covers of some great songs, like Hotel California and Take Me Home. Tommy and I asked David all about the album's origins, concept, production and more. We also delved a bit into his comedy, podcasting and more.
Go to for all the info and updates on the DVM Empire. Also, be sure to check out Undiscovered on May 21.
Thank you to David for his time and consideration. Also, thanks for his friendship and a lot of entertainment over the years.

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