Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Scott Steiner and StarrCast

Big Poppa Pump is coming to StarrCast VI. Scott Steiner and a roster of wrestling stars and legends will be appearing at StarrCast VI tomorrow through Sunday at the Hyatt in Schamburg, Illinois. Of course, Ill be "On the Beat" all weekend.
Steiner was one of the best singles stars to emerge from a successful tag team. His brother Rick broke into wrestling first and was on the rise as a singles star. Younger brother Scott joined him a few years later and they formed the Steiner Brothers tag team. Collegiate stars at the University of Michigan, the Steiners were one of the most dominate teams of their era. They could have become one of the best ever (if not THE best), but Scott was destined for individual stardom.
Slowly changing his look and his moveset, the athletic Scott morphed into the powerhouse Big Poppa Pump. While never great on the mic, he became one of the most successful wrestlers in the (Now-defunct)) WCW.
After the WWE bought WCW, Scott had a bit of a run with the company, but ultimately didn't stay with the WWE. He has remained active on the indie scene as well as a con guest.
He will certainly be one of the most popular guests at StarrCast, but he'll have plenty of competition. StarrCast VI is loaded with wrestling talent. Of course, there will also be panels, events, vendors and more. It is the largest wrestling convention and I cannot wait to be immersed in the world of pro wrestling all weekend.
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Scott Steiner and me in Novi, MI-May 2015.

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