Tuesday, June 28, 2022

On the Beat With Jim Blaze of POWW Entertainment

On Saturday night, my bud Tony Feddeler and I took in a night of wrestling at POWW Entertainment. After the show, I interviewed Jim Blaze, owner, promoter and wrestler at POWW and a long time pal. That interview is at On the Beat With Jim Blaze.

Saturday night, my pal Tony Feddeler and I took in a night of wrestling action at POWW Entertainment at TWood in Wooddale. This was my first time at “Saturday Night Fights,” but it won't be my last.

“Saturday Night Fights” is a unique concept, allowing POWW's youth or newcomers a chance to get experience and be showcased. Besides seeing some future POWW superstars, it gives fans the opportunity to see unique matchups, while still continuing POWW storylines.

Tony and I arrived early and enjoyed an excellent meal at TWood. I opted for chicken quesadillas and a basket of fries. Both were delicious and much more food than I expected.

Once the doors opened, we found seats and started to mingle and catch up with old friends. First I saw legendary ring announcer Mr. Ricolo. Next was POWW photog Mike Bare and on and on it went until bell time. It was a mini-reunion.

It was a solid night of wrestling, featuring a nice blend of POWW veterans and youngsters. I was impressed by all, but especially Kyzyle, who I hadn't previously seen in action. He's got a good gimmick, skills and ability to engage fans.

Jim talked about his 32nd anniversary coming July 3. He brought up the possibility of his in-ring career ending, but I hope that isn't anytime soon. He also mentioned Wrestle Rage, POWW's biggest show fo the year. This year, POWW will celebrate Wrestle Rage 20 on November 5 at a location to be announced soon.

It was great to be back at POWW. Jim looks even more passionate than when I first met him more than a decade ago. The crowd was hot all night, too.

As much fun a the in-ring action was, I really enjoyed catching up with everyone and meeting some new folks, too. Some folks I only see at wrestling events. Other friends, like Tony, I only met because fo wrestling, but our friendship now goes beyond the squared circle.

POWW is special. Even during the pandemic, when other companies shut down, POWW stayed alive any way they could. They took shows out of the are to new locations. POWW is the longest-running Chicago area wrestling company. Credit goes to Jim and the culture he creates.

POWW returns to TWood July 16 for another “Saturday Night Fights” event. They will also be at the American Legion in Fox Lake August 6 and at Lakemoor Fest August 12.

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