Friday, July 8, 2022

Courtney Cusack at C2E2 2021

Courtney Cusack is a Chicago-based freelance illustrator. I finally had the pleasure of meeting Cusack at C2E2 2021. 
As colorful as her hair is, her artwork is even more colorful. Her creations have appeared on sticker sheets, enamel pins, pencil pouches and more. She has a bunch of pet portraits on her website and not just the standard dogs and cats. There are several other animals, but you'' have to go to her site to see all of them. Be ready for cute overload though.
Her site also has an "Outfit of the Day" section. Cusack explains it as a journey. After wearing a uniform in school most of her life, she began to explore other clothes options. The section shows her rendering of many outfits, each accompanied by a picture of Cusack in the outfit. To her, "they serve as a visual diary of both my artistic and fashion styles." It's really unique. I have never seen something like this on an artist's site.
There's a lot more on her site, too. Go to to see for yourself. She also has a Patreon and YouTube channel which you can find from her site.
C2E2 2022 is August 5-7 and I am hoping Cusack will be there again. Check for all the info and check back here for my recurring coverage.
Courtney Cusack and me in Chicago, IL-December 2021.

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