Monday, July 18, 2022

Friend Encounters: Svengoolie and Glen and Patrick Rylko at C2E2

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring my friends meeting celebrities.

Early in 2022, my friend Glen Rylko passed away. I always had so much fun with Glen and his family at comic cons, wrestling events and other fun places.

During the pandemic, Glen and I became closer, often texting each other our complaints of the day, fun stuff, comic con info or whatever was on our minds. It was really more about reaching out than actual content. As the pandemic lessened and it looked like life would resume to some form of normalcy, Glen became very ill and soon passed.

I miss those texts. I'll miss Glen at the events. He was a good man with a loving family. He died way too young.

Glen and his family were big fans of the legendary Svengoolie. With the long lines Sven always had, Glen and I would sometimes sneak into the line with whoever was there first. It was simple comic con fun, the kind of silliness I'll miss.

Fortunately, Glen was big on picture-taking, as am I. I have several other celebrity encounters of Glen's I'll be posting in the future. It's my way of keeping his memory alive and remembering the good times.

C2E2 and Flashback Weekend are both running August 5-7. I'll be thinking of my bud Glen and missing him even more than usual. 

Thank you for the memories, my friend. Rest in peace, Glen.

Glen, Sven and Patrick in Chicago, IL-March 2019.

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