Friday, September 16, 2022

Haley Reinhart Returns!

Last week, Haley Reinhart finally returned to the area for a birthday concert. After a few cancelled tours due to the pandemic, Haley was back better than ever. I wrote about the night at Haley Reinhart Birthday Concert for Global Traveler.

I have been a fan of Haley's since stumbling upon her videos on YouTube. While I missed her appearance on American Idol in 2011. Usually one to stick with older music, I quickly became of fan of Haley's. I have seen her four times now and I will be seeing her again next weekend.

A native of he Chicago area, Haley's local shows are always special. They are filled with family and friends, although Haley treats everyone like family. She is incredibly sweet in the meet-and-greets and her fater Harry, a musician on his own, is usually around talking to fans, before he joins Haley on stage.

Check out for more info and her concert schedule. Check for all of my GT contributions.

Haley Reinhart an me in Aurora, IL-September 2022.

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