Saturday, September 3, 2022

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

Today I celebrate the birthday of my nephew Big Money! 
For those who don't know, Matt has played a major role in Johngy's Beat over the years. As Contributor Extraordinaire, Matt has done just about everything along the way and I appreciate it all.
More important, Matt has been a great part of my life. I have had so much fun with him. Whether we're standing on a Major League Baseball field or simply hanging out, it is always fun with Matt.
I'm sure Matt will celebrate with his family today, but I am there in spirit (he can't escape me) celebrating with them. I am also toasting him from here. Happy birthday, Matt! Have a fantastic day!
 Erin, Delaney, Theo and Matt in Mokena, IL-December 2021.

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Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday Matt!!
Looked like John was right, you celebrated with your family!!
Enjoy your weekend!!
Love, mom