Thursday, October 27, 2022

On the Beat With Damien Saint

My recurring coverage of Rocket Pro Wrestling turned to Damien Saint, the General Manager. My interview with him is at On the Beat With Damien Saint

As always, I asked about his path to wrestling, his favorites, his path to RPW and his role in RPW. Saint told some interesting stories, including one involving Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

As interesting as that all was, the best part of the interview for me was hearing Saint delve into the psychology involved in being a referee or a manager. It's unique insight, showing how much effort he puts into his craft.

This should be mandatory for newbie wrestling fans, but possibly even more for those who have disdain for wrestling. His thoughts are similar to those of Joey Roth of the World Famous Fabulous Idols. Coincidentally, Roth and the Idols are rumored to have an alliance with Saint, an allegation Saint denies.  

Go to for more info on Saint and all the talent at RPW. Also, check for more wrestling coverage.

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