Sunday, February 12, 2023

Happy Birthday JayHawk

Today is the birthday of Jason, one of my longtime pals. I am here to wish him well.

I have known Jason since he joined Lerner Newspapers in 1995. While he caused me a few extra gray hairs when he was a younger, more excitable assistant there, he also became a great friend. One of my proudest days was standing up in his wedding. I was also so happy for his happiness that day and beyond.

Like most friends, we have been through a lot together and our friendship has only grown stronger. As an older, calmer person, Jason doesn't even cause me gray hairs anymore.

Seriously though, it is so heartwarming to see him with a beautiful family. With a great wife and two adorable kids, Jason has a life he deserves.

I am certain his family is celebrating him (hopefully he even got a few new Star Wars toys). I salute him from my corner of the world. Happy birthday, JayHawk.

Heather, Jason, Luke and Cassie in Illinois-Winter 2022.

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