Thursday, February 16, 2023

Happy Birthday Louie

Today is the birthday of my pal Louie. It's hard to believe I have known Louie for 35 years (and I haven't given him many gray hairs either).

We met at Lerner Newspapers and worked together there for 17 years. Since then, we work together at Global Traveler. Our friendship goes well beyond just working together.

Louie is my longest, closest friend. I was there when we met his future wife. I stood up at his wedding. I have seen the couple have three great boys, who are now great young men. It has been a pleasure watching his family grow.

I can never tahnk Louie for all he has done for me. He put me on his softball team, despite my lack of talent, when I really needed to be involved in something. He's been a true friend, a psychologist, mentor, joke mate and much more.

Like always, I will send Louie a simple text of a sports player who wore a jersey of his birthday. This year, it is 56, so maybe former White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle.

Happy birthday, Louie! Have a fantastic one, buddy.

Effie, Michael and Louie in Chicago, IL-September 2022.

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