Friday, March 10, 2023

On the Beat With "The Amazing Amazon" Natasha Crane

 I am a big fan of women's wrestling. Although “The Amazing Amazon” Natasha Crane has been on my radar for a long time, I have not seen her wrestle in person yet. After hearing many great reviews and watching plenty of videos of her, Crane is someone I definitely want and need to see in person.

Yesterday, I did the next best thing by interviewing her. Having no previous interaction with her other then to set up the interview, I had no idea what to expect. I had a great time talking to her and it was one of the rare times an interview went way off topic in a fun way. That interview is at On the Beat With Natasha Crane.

Crane started by discussing her start in wrestling. Naming Luna Vachon and Sherri Martel as her favorites certainly endeared her to me. It was so refreshing to hear a modern wrestler pay homage to two old school wrestlers who too often are forgotten.

Although she lost the Southland Championship Wrestling Women's title in December, Crane enjoyed her lengthy run as champ. A broken hand has kept her out of the ring since the loss, but she is about ready to return. Although she is not on the card for SCW's Mayhem on March 18, Crane will be in the building, which means you never know what might happen.

Crane indulged me as I played armchair booker wanting to see Cran battle POWW's Mistress Misery. The two companies battled each other for a good part of last year and seem to be peacefully interacting now, which means that match could happen.

It was about here when I asked Crane about her interests away from the ring and the interview took an unexpected detour. Crane is a big roller coaster enthusiast, having ridden on many over the years. She talked about her upcoming overseas roller coaster trip. This is no casual hobby for Crane. This is a passion.

I really enjoyed this interview with Crane. Hearing her respect for two legends was a great start and learning about roller coasters was a fun end. Crane is a formidable force in the ring, who loves wrestling for SCW, but as she stated in a post-interview message exchange, she is not one dimensional.

Crane started our interview by joking that she wondered when I might interview her. While I usually wait until I have seen the wrestler in action, this is one time I am glad I didn't wait. The Amazing Amazon is someone I need to see in the ring and Crane is someone I am glad I got to know away from the squared circle.

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