Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Thank You Coach Allison Guth and the Loyola Ramblers

The Loyola Women's Basketball team finished an underwhelming 6-24, ending with a 16 game losing streak. Despite the ugly record, I had a lot of fun covering the Ramblers this season.

The Ramblers often played with less players than opponents. That left the starters exhausted by the end of the game, missing shots and sluggish on defense, when they ordinarily would have been much better. They also had a new coach and played in a new conference.

I am not making excuses for the record. Good teams rise above. Loyola Coach Allison Guth would be the first to say that.

I like Coach Guth. I find her to be positive and refreshingly open and honest. Her players speak glowingly of her, both on and off the record.

Was this season part of a learning curve? Will a new crop of first year players adapt to Coach Guth's system quicker? Will the four or five returning seniors use their experience and lead the team to a better season?

Only time will tell, but I actually believe next season will be much improved. I'm not blindly positive. I just saw a lot of heart and talent. Coach Guth's hands were tied, but you can't win playing your starters 35 or more minutes each. With healthier players and one year of Coach Guth's system, the Ramblers will have a better season. I could honestly see them doubling their wins.

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Allison Guth and me in Chicago, IL-February 2023.

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