Friday, April 28, 2023

Finally Met Kylie Rae (and Gemini)

It took a long time and several twists in the journey, but I finally met wrestler Kylie Rae. As an added bonus, I also met Gemini, her little furry friend.
Kylie is a talented young wrestler who I have seen in action several times. She is easily one of the best on the indie scene and really deserves to be in a big company. Despite seeing her wrestle several times, I always missed actually meeting her. Even when she appeared at Resistance Pro when I was there, I missed her shows due to my throat surgery.
When I saw she was appearing at a Freelance Academy show, I immediately notified my buddy Tony and we made plans to go. Like me, Tony also never met Kylie and really wanted to finally do so.
We arrived early, as always. We even saw he walk Gemini before the show, but we didn't want to bother her on her time.
When the doors opened, we learned Kylie would be coming out at intermission, not during the pre-show meet and greet. We were crunched on time and couldn't stay until intermission though.
Fortunately, with help from several people, including Isaias Velazquez of Freelance and Sean Lennon of the Pro Wrestling Enforcer Podcast, we got our message through to Kylie, who then came out to meet us.
Kylie could not have been any sweeter. She even asked us for hugs. We talked for a few minutes, before letting her get back to work. Before we parted, she asked if we wanted pictures and of course, we did. Then she asked if we wanted to take pictures with Gemini, too. Again, of course, we did! We hugged again and left.
What a pleasant experience. Already fans of Kylie, now we are even bigger supporters. Kylie is the type of wrestler we would go to a show specifically to see. It was awesome to see she was so nice outside of the ring. Thank you Kylie and thank you to Freelance Academy!
Kylie Rae, Gemini and me in Chicago, IL-March 2023.

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