Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Kevin Sullivan at Squared Circle Expo 2021

Squared Circle Expo III happens in a couple days (April 7-8) in Indianapolis, IN. When the Squared Circle Expo debuted in 2021, Kevin Sullivan was among the wrestlers I most wanted to see.
Debuting in 1970, Sullivan carved out an excellent and underrated career in professional Wrestling. While he had some nice runs in the big companies like WWE and WCW, he did not win a major singles title at those places, although he did win a few tag team titles. Elsewhere, he capture plenty of gold.
As great as some of the characters he portrayed, I think Sullivan's greatest strength is his mind. He had a ton of great ideas over the years. His run in Florida was red-hot, creating quite a stir.
I met Sullivan many years ago and a few times since, but I never pass on a chance to see "the Taskmaster." Despite his sometimes Satanic character, Sullivan is actually an extremely well-spoken and friendly guy.
Sullivan will be at SCX III along with plenty of other wrestling legends will be. At last count, there were more than 50 announced wrestling superstars.
For more info, go to SquaredCircleX.com. Also follow here for my recurring coverage. 
Kevin Sullivan and me in Indianapolis, IN-Summer 2021.

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