Wednesday, April 26, 2023

The Johngy "OR ELSE" Podcast - Ep. 62: Professor Kliq

On The Johngy "OR ELSE" Podcast - Ep. 62: Professor Kliq, Tommy and I welcome a very special guest. Professor Kiq is a very familiar guest or more precisely, he is familial. Professor Kliq is the alter ego of Mike Else, Tommy's younger, musician brother.
Mike lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and child. As Professor Kliq, he is returning to Chicago for a special performance on May 5.
Tommy and I wanted Mike on our podcast for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity.
Mike is a great guy and super talented. I have met him several times and interviewed him, too. It was always fun with him.
As much as I like Mike, there is nothing like the brotherly bond. I know how much Tommy loves and respects his brother.
Lending his thoughts, Tommy said, "I have had the unique privilege of seeing my Brother “Professor Kliq”… Grow from a young teenager dabbling in the art of electronic music, to see the commodity he has become. He has released several albums, he has scored documentaries, video games. Television shows and more! I am extremely proud of him, and am honored to have the unique perspective of seeing it unfold from the front row."
Honestly, it would be worth it to me just to see Tommy's face at the show. It will be a special night for the Else brothers and I can't wait to witness it.

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Jean Parker said...

Sorry I will miss this event ... won't be home until the following week! Cant wait to hear about it.