Wednesday, June 28, 2023

A Knight to Remember with Chazz Moretti

I have known Chazz Moretti for more than a decade. He was one of the first workers I met when I started covering independent wrestling. An agent to the stars, as opposed to a manager, Chazz is one of a kind. One month from today, Chazz will be part of a major event.

A Knight to Remember will be another unique thing and, of course, Chazz is involved. Being held Friday, July 28 at the Tinley Park Convention Center, A Knight to Remember features the legendary Saraya Knight (hence the event's title). Also appearing are old school valet Babydoll, Stacy Shadows, Samantha Starr, Zak Zodiac, Kamille and many more, including "The Hair Extraordinaire" Mr. Ricolo as the ring announcer.

Of course, Chazz will be roaming the ringside area guiding a wrestler, but which wrestler is the question. As usual, Chazz keeps all guessing. Whoever it is will have the benefit of Chazz's many years of leading wrestlers to dozens of titles.

It will be interesting to see which side of fairness Chazz will take. He has a long career of leading heels to the ring, although occasionally he is on the good guy side. I'm predicting, Chazz will be up to his usual shenanigans though, thus incurring the wrath of the crowd. Chazz embraces that wrath though, because he knows it shows he is doing a great job.

Go to the A Knight to Remember on Facebook to get all the info on this great event. Feel free to boo Chazz.

Chazz Moretti and me in Waukesha, WI-June 2023.

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