Thursday, June 22, 2023

Johngy at Bat

Id di it again. More accurately, I didn't do it again.
For the second straight year, I took part in a Home Run derby at Loyola's softball field. For the second straight year, I failed to hit one out.
It was an unusually cold Saturday with a strong wind blowing in from left field (my power alley). After Loyola won the doubleheader, participants lined up to take our turns trying to launch one over the fence.
I make no excuses, but I have to set up the scene. The pitcher tossed the ball from about 20 feet away. The throws were with minimal velocity and generally about knee high. Coupled with the wind, I knew my chances of going yard were slim.
I had 10 pitches. The first one, I belted straight back at the screen. It was a liner, great in a game, but not in a home run derby. A couple fly balls to center later and I was feeling good. Then just like last year, I got all of one which I thought might make it. I watched as the ball sailed to ddep center field. I saw the wind catch it and push it more towards right. I thought ithe wind might actually help it carry over the shorter distance in right. Alas, it fell about 15 feet short into the mitt of one of the Ramblers shagging our flies. It was estimated about 190 feet.
I didn't feel bad, because I didn't embarrass myself at least. Others failed to go deep, too, although a few did clear the fences.
I thank Loyola for the hospitality. I will be back in 2024.
Me in Chicago, IL-May 2023.


Jean Parker said...

Sounds like you did great!!

Johngy said...

At least I did not embarrass myself. LOL