Monday, September 18, 2023

Friend Encounters: Mike Pankow and Sean Lennon

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

I don't know why I am featuring Mike Pankow and Sean Lennon. They are my bitter rivals in the cut throat world of reporting on pro wrestling.

Actually, there is no bitter rivalry. We are all friends. Besides, I do not cover wrestling exclusively like they do.

Through his Windy City Slam website and podcast, Mike does a fantastic job of covering the world of wrestling. Sean does the same with his Pro Wrestling Enforcer podcast. Between the three of us, we are pretty much at (or at least report on) every wrestling event in the Chicago area and elsewhere, too.

We have crossed paths many times. I have pictures with each, but none with all three of us. That would be like a mini-Mount Rushmore of independent wrestling reporters. LOL Seriously though, the picture of the three of us is a goal for this year.

I dabble in wrestling, but Mike and Sean dive deeply into it. I encouarege all wrestling fans to check out both of their projects.

Check for Mike's coverage. Check Pro Wrestling Enforcer Podcast on Facebook for Sean's coverage.

Mike Pankow and Sean Lennon in Long Grove, IL-August 2023.

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