Monday, September 4, 2023

Friend Encounters: Regan Lydale and Tommy Else

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Today I present two friends who have a wrestling connection. My friend Tommy Else actually introduced me to his friend Regan Lydale, only she wasn't Regan Lydale back then.
Many years ago, Tommy won an audition to become part of Resistance Pro Wrestling. A Personal Trainer by profession, Tommy quickly adapted to his new role as a manager/wrestler, eventually becoming one-half of the tag team champions Body Magic.
At some point, a teenager who had a huge interest in wrestling asked him to train her. Because she was not 18, she couldn't actually wrestle, but Tommy taught her the basics of all aspects of wrestling. She eventually moved on to the Freelance Wrestling Academy to continue her training. It was there when she morphed into Regan Lydale.
I have seen her wrestle several times. I know of her passion. I see her doing the little things on shows even if she isn't wrestling. If she continues on this path (and I believe she will), her future is bright.
Tommy will argue he is the celebrity in this Friend Encounter. I counter that while Tommy at one time was the face of RPro, he has gracefully faded into the background while Regan is the rising star. Maybe that is a better way to put it. Tommy was the bigger star, but Regan is the future star.
For a better idea of both, check out our interview at The Johngy "OR ELSE" Podcasr - Ep. 36: Regan Lydale. If you get the chance to see Regan wrestle, do not miss this young wrestler.
Regan Lydale and Tommy Else in Chicago, IL-September 2023.

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