Monday, March 25, 2024

Friend Encounters: Franco and Art Baltazar

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Who is the celebrity? Who is the friend? Franco and Art Baltazar are the answers to both.

Based in New York, Francois is comic book writer and artist Franco Aureliani.  Art is also a comic book writer and artist, but he is based in the Chicago area.

Art and Franco have a lot of chemistry together and it is easy to see why their collaboration produces a lot of entertainment. In addition to owning Aw Yeah, a comic store with three locations (Skokie, Illinois, Muncie, Indiana and New York), they collaborate on many projects. Naturally, they appear at many comic cons together.

I first met them at comic cons, but became friends over the years. I attend many events at Aw Yeah and not just because it's a few blocks from my home. It's like an old school comic books store, but with a modern cool feel. They are a lot of fun solo, but a lot more fun together.

They will be together again at C2E2 in Chicago April 26-28. For more info on this great event, go to Also, go to for more info on the pair of awesome creators.

Franco and Art Baltazar in New York, NY-October 2023.

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