Thursday, October 12, 2023

On the Beat With Joey Roth and Steve Ahrendt of Rocket Pro Wrestling

One week ahead of the return of Rocket Pro Wrestling, I interviewed Joey Roth and Steve Ahrendt. At Darkness Falls, these two will be back in the same room, but for my interview, I kept them separated for obvious reasons.

This feud has been running a long time and it keeps getting hotter. Joey, along with Roxi Heart, is the leader of the World Famous Fabulous Idols. Commentator Steve now holds the newly-rechristened Main Event belt. That belt was previously called the Joey Roth belt, but this feud goes beyond that shiny belt, whatever it is called.

I attempted to get some peace, but I failed. I did get a fun interview though. These men are pumped and ready for action Saturday. Darkness Falls promises to be a great night of action, but there is no promise these two will ever see eye-to-eye.

Go to for more info and updates. Until then, enjoy the interview at On the Beat With Rocket Pro Wrestling.

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