Thursday, October 5, 2023

Sting and StarrCast VI

Steve Borden has had an amazing career as wrestler Sting. After debuting in 1985, he is still going strong at 64 years old.

Originally billed as Flash, he started in a tag team with Jim "Justice" Hellwig, who grew to fame as The Ultimate Warrior. As they went their separate ways, Flash would morph into Sting and go on to be one of the faces of  World Championship Wrestling. When that was bought by WWE, he chose not to join them and ultimately signed with TNA/Impact Wrestling. He eventually made it to the WWE, but had an underwhelming storyline, followed by an injury (none of which was his fault). Sting moved on to All Elite Wrestling, where he is still a main player, although his in-ring time is somewhat limited.

I met Sting a couple times over the last few years and almost saw him again at StarrCast VI, but his line was too long and cut off by the time I got to it. I wasn't too disappointed, because of my previous encounters with him. Had I not already met the Icon, I most certainly would have begged to make the cut.

Sting will go down as one of the all time greats. I am not sure he will be in the elite category, although he should be. I think Sting is too often overlooked. He took a surfer gimmick and made it legendary. Then he turned it into a vigilante-type, followed by a Joker-ish one, followed by his current one, which is basically him.All were successful. Even at 64, although he isn't working a major schedule, he works smart and is an asset to AEW.

StarrCast is a great place to meet wrestlers and be ensconced in wrestling fun. There is no announcement yet on StarrCast VII, but check for future announcements.

Sting and me in Indianapolis, IN-August 2018.

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