Thursday, October 26, 2023

Terry Huddleston at New York Comic Con 2021

After going the last two years, I missed the New York Comic Con this year. NYCC is one of the biggest comic cons in the country. I will be back "On the Beat" meeting celebrities and creators of all sorts.
Terry Huddleston was one of the first artists I met at a comic con. I saw his wall of superheroes and immediately looked for Aquaman. I found it and it was old school Aquaman, too.  I became a fan of his right on the spot. Of course, I like all of Terry's work, not just Aquaman.
Terry is a freelance artist and illustrator from South Bend, Indiana. I first noticed his Superhero heads, but he does more than just Superheroes and more than just heads. The heads do take up a major part of his booth though. Actually, his booth might have the most artwork of any creator booth at comic cons. He is literally surrounded by his fantastic art. As you can see, I could barely get a selfie with him because he has so much stuff on display.
That's not a complaint. I love seeing all of his work displayed. No matter how many times I see his display, I always am amazed by it. I always seem to find new things in it.
Terry is also one of the coolest artists put there. He is always up for a little chat with con attendees. His booth is a regular stop on my Artist Alley loop and I always look forward to catching up with him.
Go to for more info on Terry and his latest projects. Check for updates and scheduling on NYCC 2024.
Terry Huddleston and me in New York, NY-October 2021.

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