Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Charisma Carpenter C2E2 2023

Earlier this year, I was joined "On the Beat" at C2E2 by my pal Tony. Along with being a big help, Tony is a lot of fun at conventions, because he enjoys them as much as I do.

At C2E2 2023, I think Charisma Carpenter was tops on Tony's list. Carpenter has been in many shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed and Angel. Because she is extremely popular, we were a bit worried the lines would be too long and she would be rushed. Fortunately, although the lines were long, we got there early and were near the front. Even better, she wasn't rushed. She was as engaging as could be within the confines of the situation.

In photo ops, fans get a few seconds to interact. It's easy for the celebrity to just give a quick nod and go on to the next fan. Carpenter greeted us and thanked us. It might not sound like much, but in that setting, but the interaction was as good as could be expected.

I always get an extra thrill out of seeing my friends meet their favorites. I am glad to have been a part of Tony meeting one of his.

Go to C2E2.com for more info on next year's event. We'll be back "On the Beat" and hope to see you there.

Charisma Carpenter, Tony Feddeler and me in Chicago, IL-March 2023.

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