Thursday, November 9, 2023

Dirk Manning at New York Comic Con 2021 (and 2022 and 2023)

New York Comic Con is one of the biggest comic cons in the country. I covered it last year and even still in the pandemic mess, it completely blew me away in size and excellence. I did not make it this year, but I will be back.
I have known Dirk Manning for many years. He was one of the first creators I interviewed and we became friends over the years, bonding over our interest in comics, horror, wrestling and ice cream.
Last year at NYCC, Dirk was celebrating and promoting "Butts in Seats: The Tony Schiavone Story,"
thr graphic bio novel he did with the famous wrestling announcer. I was ecstatic to buy a copy and have both men sign it. Dirk also gave me a mini-scoop that something else was already in the works. That something turned out to be a graphic bio novel with Arn Anderson.
Already a highly successful creator in the horror genre, Dirk is becoming a force in the wrestling world. I always thought wrestling would be a good fit for some artists, but I never applied that same logic to writes like Dirk. It's a perfect fit and nobody is a better person to handle this.
Dirk announced he will be at NYCC and I will catch up with him there. Maybe I'll even get another scoop. Nothing will surprise me with Dirk.
Go to for more info on Dirk's latest projects. Check for updates and scheduling on NYCC.
Dirk Manning and me in New York, NY-October 2021. 

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