Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ken Anderson at Blizzard Brawl 2021

One of the great guests at Blizzard Brawl was Mrrrrrrrrrr. Anderson. It doesn't translate as well in writing as it does when he announced it as he enters the ring, but you get the point.
I always thought Anderson didn't get treated properly in any of the companies where he wrestled. He was solid on the mic and in the ring. The WWE put him in a daffy storyline with Mr. McMahon and Hornswoggle. No offense to either of them, but that slot should have gone to someone lower on the card to give them exposure. Anderson shouldn't have needed that and I don't think it did him any good.
Anderson was one of many wrestling guests at Blizzard Brawl 2021. While the complete guest list for Blizzard Brawl 2023 hasn't been announced yet, I am sure it will be filled with equally awesome guests. Blizzard Brawl always has about 20 wrestling legends and current stars for a meet-and-greet, followed by a full card of wrestling. It is always a stop on my calendar of events every year.
This year, Great Lakes Championship Wrestling presents Blizzard Brawl on Saturday, December 2 at the Waukesha County Expo Center. Ptromoter and #Superfriend David Herro will be there, along with "The Fannypack Kid" Kal Herro. Others will be announced soon.
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Ken Anderson and me in Waukesha, WI-December 2021.

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