Thursday, November 2, 2023

Talking Travel with Billy Vera

I interviewed Billy Vera! The lifelong musician has been one of my favorites for a long time.
Long before Billy's "At This Moment" hit it big on television's Family Ties, I had followed his career. When the song was used for the show, many more folks became aware of the talented singer.
Since I have a lot of freedom in my Talking Travel interview series on Global Traveler, I am pursuing a lot of my favorites. Lest you think it is just my personal playground for virtually meeting my favorites, as a longtime musician, I figured Billy had traveled all over.
The funny thing is, when I contacted Billy, he graciously agreed to the interview, but quickly added he didn't have many travel stories. Either way, I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to interview Billy.
As it turns out, he had a few interesting stories about his time in Kansas City, Cincinnati and overseas. There was plenty of legit travel talk to qualify for a travel interview. Plus there was a lot of great talk about his career.
His duet with Judy Clay is thought to be the first interracial love duet to chart in the United States. He became an author of a few books. He acts a bit and performed the theme songs for tv's Empty Nest and King of Queens. At 79, he still performs with the Beaters.
I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. I hope you will, too. Billy was a soft-spoken, but fascinating guy. I have a whole new appreciation for him now because of Talking Travel.
The full recap is on GT at Talking Travel with Billy Vera. All of the Talking Travel interviews are on the GT YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to the channel (it's free) for all of the travel content.

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