Thursday, December 21, 2023

Happy Birthday Jim!

Today I celebrate the birthday of another long time friend. Brother of Chuck, cousin of Cuzz and friend to all, I join the millions in toasting Jim today.

A long-running joke is how Jim not only makes friends instantly everywhere, but also gets free stuff. On one of our Boys of Summer baseball trips, we all enjoyed a standard, complimentary hotel breakfast, yet Jim somehow got a whole bunch of extras from a staffer he befriended that morning. That's just Jim.

Another old gag is his blind love of all Chicago athletes. Jim is a very astute sports fan, except when it comes to Chicago. Every new player or any bench player who has a good game is suddenly bound for greatness in Jim's eyes. One of my favorite memories was Jim bi-talking former QB Matt Barkley. About an hour later, Barkley was on his way to throwing five interceptions in a game. That ended the hype and pretty much Barkley's tenure here.

Happy birthday to my dear friend. In honor of Jim, I post this pic of the legendary Barkley!

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