Friday, January 12, 2024

Emily Ramirez and Improv

I recently wrote about my friend Paul Myers leading me to David Vox Mullen, Michele Traina and Alydar Skyy. You can add Emily Ramirez to that list.

I met Emily backstage at one of their shows (there have been too many to remember which one) and eventually interviewed her. That interview is at On the Beat With Emily Ramirez. She wasn't performing that night, but I told her I would see her in the future.

Not long after that, I saw Emily and a few others in Forest Park. They were doing improv comedy and they were hilarious. They did bits involving the audience, each other and singing. All the performers treated me great. I couldn't have had a better night.

Emily's goal was to open a comedy club nearby in Forest Park. After a lot of work, that should happen this year. When it does, I will definitely be there to check out the new place.

Go to to learn more about Emily and her projects. This year, I hope to check .

Emily Ramirez, Dave Asher, Keith Hernandez, Preston O'ffill, Annie Farwell and me in Forest Park, IL-December 2022.

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