Saturday, February 17, 2024

Talking Travel with Jennifer Broome

I met travel and weather expert Jennifer Broome at the Travel and Adventure Show a few weeks ago. Broome is my latest guest on Talking Travel, my interview series for Global Traveler.

Broome gave a fascinating presentation on solo travel. It seemed like a great concept for an interview. Upon conclusion of her session, I waited for some fans to talk to her. When I proposed an interview, she graciously accepted. A couple weeks later, we got it done. 

Based in Denver, Broome has some interesting travel goals and she is accomplishing them quickly. When asked about under-the0radar spots, Broome gave great suggestions. She really knows her stuff. We talked all about travel. When someone is so knowledgeable, the interview was on cruise control. She really made it easy.

Look for the interview video and recap on Global Traveler at Talking Travel with Jennifer Broome. Also, get more info on Jennifer at Lastly, please subscribe to the Global Traveler YouTube channel for all sorts of interesting travel content (and to help my job security LOL).

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