Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Talking Travel with Taylor McQuillin

My latest guest on Talking Travel on Global Traveler is Olympian Taylor McQuillin. As winter invades Chicago and GT partners with the Olympics, it is a great time to talk softball, the Olympics and travel and Taylor is the perfect interview guest.

We start with Taylor discussing what adding "Olympian" to her title means to her. That's an amazing accomplishment and one she will always carry with her. She can forever add "OLY" to her name, title, signature and resume.

We moved onto a serious topic. Suffering from Duane Syndrome, a condition that left her blind in her left eye, Taylor overcame the problem to excel on the mound. Ever positive, she even explained how it helped her become an even better player through more communication and understanding the roles of other teammates.

Of course, we had to discuss her travels. She talked about growing from a rookie to a young veteran in Japan. While she eschews the veteran label, she had enough experience there to tell fun tales and to guide younger players. She is comfortable enough to simply go exploring in Japan, a decision which brought her to many interesting new places.

 I have had the pleasure of watching Taylor play in Athletes Unlimited. She's an ace on the mound and an incredible person off the field. I loved this interview, because it revealed the many sides of Taylor.

The full recap is on GT at Talking Travel with Taylor McQuillin. All of the Talking Travel interviews are on the GT YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to the channel (it's free) for all of the travel content. Also, go to for more info on her camps, clinics and instruction.

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