Thursday, January 25, 2024

The Chazz Moretti Comeback Begins

 Chazz Moretti is one of the longest working wrestling manager in the Chicago area. I met him at POWW more than a decade ago.

Chazz is a polarizing figure at times, which means he does his job well. He gets under the skin of his opponents and fans, but all respect what he does.

Late last year, Chazz was rushed to the ER. The end result was he had his leg below the knee amputated due to complications from diabetes. Chazz has been very open about this on social media and not in a sorrowful way. Quite the opposite. From the first day, he has been extremely positive and working hard towards regaining his life.

I'm sure Chazz went through some horrible thoughts. Anyone going through a life-changing event would have to have some negative thoughts at times, but he hasn't shown any.

I have ever had more respect for Chazz than now. He's as tough as can be, while sharing his journey. It's inspirational, whether you liked him or not.

I really don't doubt Chazz will make a remarkable comeback. Knowing him, he will work it into his manager, (sorry, Chazz...I meant "agent") gimmick. He'll be back around a ring at some point in the future and I wouldn't rule out a 2024 return.

Chazz Moretti and me in Waukesha, WI-Summer 2023.

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