Thursday, February 8, 2024

Immaculate Status Achieved

When is 0 a perfect score? In Immaculate Grid games, 0 is the best score, although I do not know how it is calculated.
For those unfamiliar with Immaculate Grid, there is a new game every day for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, WNBA and soccer. Actually, that is also the order of my expertise. I know virtually nothing about soccer.
Anyway, there are three columns and three rows, each with a topic (team or specific stat). For instance, in the grid below, the upper left corner box requires a player who was with both teams.
The game is right up my strong spot though. The more obscure player named, the lower your score. For instance, Rafael Palmeiro played for both the Rangers and the Orioles, but he is too obvious and wouldn't net a great score. Ideally, I guess, a player who appeared in one game for each team would be the best guess?
I don't know the formula to figure scores. Sometimes I think I have a better score than it shows. Several times i got single digits. I even got a few 'ones," but a short while ago, I finally achieved the elusive zero! Now I have to work on getting better scores on the other sports (although I have no hope of even completing a soccer grid).


Brett Alan said...

WOW! My brother and I have each managed a 2, I think, but never a zero! Impressive indeed.

Johngy said...

Thank you and good luck. Let us know if you ever get the 0!