Saturday, February 10, 2024

Scott Beaderstadt at Fan Expo

When Fan Expo took over Wizard World, comic con fans were a tad worried, but that fear has been squashed. Fan Expo is everything Wizard World was and more.
One of my favorite creators at Fan Expo is Scott Beaderstadt. Perhaps best known for his self-published TROLLORDS, he also has done work for Marvel, DC, Archie Comics, and the Thank You Walt Disney Foundation.
His beautiful artwork features vibrant colors capturing a variety of subjects from Prince to a toucan to Bona Lisa, a zombie version of the famous painting. He also does commissions, specializing in zombies.
It's always fun catching up with Scott, especially at Fan Expo Chicago in his hometown. He's another artist whose booth keeps me entranced for lengthy bits of time.
Fan Expo holds several events every year. The next one is February 17-19 in Portl;and, Oregon.
Go to for more news and scheduling. Go to for more info on Scott.
Scott Beaderstadt and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2022.

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