Friday, March 15, 2024

Ali Cantarella at C2E2 2020

I have written many times about the talented creator Ali Cantarella. I will keep writing about her, because she is just that good. I want all to know about her.
I first met Ali many years ago at a comic con. Since she is a Chicagoan, I assume it was a Chicago comic con, but she does do cons in other cities. I was first captured by her cool pet portraits. You can see some of the pet portraits behind me in the picture. She did such fun versions of pets, I recommended her to several friends who got commissions.
A few years later, I got her to do a version of my Johngy character, which became my first alternate version shirt. I loved it.
Since then, I have seen her do all sorts of work. She brightens up Chicago with awesome wall murals inside and outdoors. CantarellaMania is spreading in Chicago and rightly so.
She is also a blast on social media. Whether posting her latest projects, playing with her pup Topo or any of her other activities, Ali is always entertaining.
Go to for more info on Ali and her art and follow her on social media for even more fun. Lastly, go to the Johngy's Beat store at to get the Cantarella edition of the Johngy's Beat shot.
Ali Cantarella and me in Chicago, IL-March 2020.

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