Saturday, March 9, 2024

Ant Lucia at C2E2 2023

C2E2 2024 returns April 26-28. I meet a lot of great celebrities at C2E2, but I also meet awesome creators, like Ant Lucia.

Ant went to school for fine arts and design. After doing small jobs, he started an internship at a state revitalization program. Then he landed a job in design. Around 2008, he developed Spookshow Pinups, his own brand of illustration. He creates all illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

His love of vintage pin-ups is evident in his work. Some of his works that I liked best are when he combines pin-ups with pop culture items, like Count Chocula cereal. He has also done some superhero crossovers, like Batwoman, but I sadly do not see anything with Aquaman in it. That'd be a great pairing (but maybe my Aquaman bias shows again).

Ant is also engaging at comic cons. He's a great guy for a quick chat. I never want to take too much of his time, because time is money at those cons.

Go to for more info and scheduling. Also, go to to learn more about Ant. Check back here for my coverage.

Ant Lucia and me in Chicago, IL-April 2023.

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