Friday, March 22, 2024

Talking Travel with Melissa Archer

Melissa Archer burst onto the daytime drama scene in 2001. Just a few years removed from her first role at the age of 17, Melissa joined a cast of veterans on One Life to Live, but quickly made her mark. Not only did she stay with OLTL through its final episode in 2013, she remained a major character for her time there.

Several years ago, I met Melissa at a television celebrity convention. She was kind enough to give me a short interview and do a promo for my site (see left column).

I have followed her online for a long time. She always is interesting on social media, but the last year or so really caught my attention. Along with her positive messages, Melissa started posting about her move to van life. More recently, she unveiled her new product line, "It is better to wander than to wonder." 

I thought this was the perfect time to ask for an interview. She has a new perspective on life and travel. I figured she would bring an interesting take on travel to my Talking Travel interview series on Global Traveler...and she did! 

After a brief discussion of her time on OLTL, Melissa eagerly gave me all the info on her new van life. From a germ of an idea to buying and converting a van, Melissa gives all the details.

Her other new venture came from a random phrase she said, but found interesting enough to remember and eventually turn into a product line. Melissa discusses what exactly "It i better to wander" means to her. While on the surface it completely fits a travel mind-set, it really applies to everything in life. It also fits perfectly with Melissa's positive spirit.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. Melissa is a special person. I don't just preach about her,; I also support her by purchasing a tshirt and I look forward to more shirts (although she already has other products, like mugs, etc.).

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