Thursday, April 25, 2024

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At the last Rocket Pro Wrestling show, Schelli and Steve Ahrendt faced Joey Roth and Roxi Heart in a mixed tag team match. The feud has been bubbling all season and was seemingly settled with the Woold Famous Fabulous Idols taking (or stealing) the win.
Schelli isn't really a wrestler, but she did fine in the ring. Her usual spot is at the broadcast table, but she is also the wife of Bill. Together they own and run Rocket Pro.
I have often said RPW is one of the best wrestling companies. Their shows are tight, top to bottom. Every match is excellent. It is often hard to pick the best (or worst) match of the night. I also enjoy the shows ending around 8 pm, instead of 11ish like many other shows.
Bill and Schelli are also very hands-on. You'll always see them at shows, but usually they are a blur as they take care of business. 
RPW has one more show for this season. Kicks on 66 runs May 4. They also will show the event on the big screen at Hollywood Cinema May 18. Then they have no shows for the summer. For more info, go to
Schelli and me in Joliet, IL-April 2024.

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