Tuesday, April 23, 2024

On the Beat With Kevin Anton of The Iron Claw

I recently interviewed Cazzey Cereghino, who played Bruiser Brody in The Iron Claw, the movie about the famous Von Erich family. Last week, I continued my dive into the movie by interviewing Kevin Anton, who played Harley Race.

Although the movie obviously focuses on the Von Erich family, Kevin appeared in one of the most pivotal scenes. Kevin as Race defended his National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight title against Kevin Von Erich, the eldest of the Von Erich brothers. Kevin perfectly captured the essence of Race. He also performed the wrestling maneuvers like a seasoned pro.

It was a real pleasure interviewing Kevin. I appreciate him for his time and consideration. Now I have an even greater appreciation for his performance in The Iron Claw.

Go to Kevin-Anton.com for more info on this fine actor. Also check TheEveryDayFan.com for more sports coverage. Lastly, check the full interview at On the Beat With Kevin Anton.

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