Thursday, April 18, 2024

On the Beat with Ray "Glacier" Lloyd

Ray Lloyd has an interesting spot in pro wrestling history. As Glacier in World Championship Wrestling, he had one of the most elaborate expensive entrances and costumes. He also had a series of incredible vignettes to introduce the character.

It was an incredible time in the WCW. The New World Order burst on the scene, overshadowing many of the other storylines. Because of the uniqueness of the Glacier character and Lloyd's excellent work, he was never swallowed into the NWO vortex.

Lloyd also embarked on an acting career, landing roles in movies and on television. His latest role is a big one. The Unbreakable Bunch is a movie about a group of wrestlers on a final tour who encounter aliens in Florida. It's got a They Live vibe in all the best ways. From watching the trailers, I am very intrigued.

I talked to Lloyd about his career in the ring and on film in our interview. Lloyd's passion and positivity are clearly evident. Watch the interview to learn all about Lloyd and The Unbreakable Bunch.

The interview is on the Johngy's Beat YouTube channel at On the Beat With Ray "Glacier" Lloyd. Also, check out for more info on this project.

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