Saturday, April 6, 2024

Talking Travel with Jessica Nabongo

My latest Global Traveler Talking Travel interview guest is Jessica Nabongo. Who better to talk travel than someone who has visited every country?
More specifically, Nabongo is the first black woman to visit every country. At age four, Nabongo got an early start on traveling and she hasn't stopped. The day after our interview, Nabongo was traveling to Alaska, one of the six states she hasn't visited. (I am confident she will visit the rest soon.)
Nabongo talked about her start in traveling and her travel goals. She gave her favorite spots, travel goals (other than all 50 states) and her tips.
She also discussed her book of 100 locations she loves. It is part travelogue, part diary and part picture book, but it is all amazing. It's a great book and hopefully the first of more to come. With all the places Nabongo has been, she can easily publish at least one more.
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