Friday, May 10, 2024

Congratulations, Good Bye and Good Luck Alyssa Fisher

Grad student athlete Alyssa Fisher is leaving Loyola University. I thank Alyssa for a lot of great memories and I wish her well in her future.

One of the cool parts of what I do is meeting people like Alyssa. There's no way I would know here if I wasn't covering the team.

Through my years of sitting courtside and being in perss sessions, I got to watch her up close and get to know her a bit. An outstanding player, Alyssa is an even better person. I can tell by the way she treats others and how they respond to her.

I might see Alyssa at future games, but I might never see her again. It's that way with the hundreds of amateur athletes I have covered. I know some better than others, but all are young people I never would have known. My work allows me to meet so many different folks from so many different places. 

Alyssa came from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to play with the Ramblers. The likelihood of me ever talking to a young player who could be my grandchild is not high. Yet, there we were in Gentile Arena many times.

I love what I do. I love players like Alyssa as they pass through school and my life.

Go to for more info on the team. Look for them to be a surprise team next season.

Alyssa Fisher and me in Chicago, IL-February 2024.

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