Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Bill Cartwright, Three Times a Champ

Yesterday, I wrote about Tony Horner and the Chicagoland Sports Appearance Connection. Today, I feature Bill Cartwright, who Tony brought in for the Midwest Sports Buffet appearance.

After a successful college career at the University of San Francisco, Cartwright was drafted with the third pick in the first round by the New York Knicks. After eight seasons with the Knicks (and one injury season), Cartwright was traded to the Chicago Bulls. During his six seasons with the Bulls, the team won three NBA titles. Cartwright was the perfect fit for the Michael Jordan Bulls.

He finished his career with a years with the Seattle SuperSonics. Until I started writing this, I had forgotten he later became coach of the Bulls, although those were lean years, but not his fault.

Cartwright was very nice at the Midwest Sports Buffet. He patiently signed everything to everyone's specifications. That is not an easy task, as some fans want stuff very specific. Cartwright seemed genuinely happy to be there.

As I previously wrote, his knees are bad, causing constant getting up a problem. Fans were fine with that, accepting pictures sitting or leaning by him.

I now have met two of the greatest centers the Bulls have ever had, Cartwright and Artis Gilmore  Now I need to look for Bulls from the more recent years.

Bill Cartwright and me in Bridgeview, IL-June 2024.

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