Friday, June 21, 2024

Joker of Chicago Knockouts Roller Derby

In my efforts to experience all forms of roller derby, I attended a Chicago Knockouts bout a few years ago. While different from the Windy City Rollers, whom I covered for years, I was highly entertained 
Like most roller derby leagues, the Knockouts use fun character names. Their twist is they also dress and use makeup to accent the concept. Such is the case with The Joker.
Don't let the costume fool you though. Joke is a solid skater and gets in the middle of the action every bout.
I still don't know where the reality line is drawn. I am pretty sure, there is some scripted stuff, but I think the outcomes are not pre-determined. Maybe I don't even want to know. Sometimes it is better to not peel back the curtain and simply enjoy the show. I just know I enjoy their show every time.
For more info, you can follow Chicago Knockouts on Facebook or go to Chicago Knockouts site.
Tammy Elitzer and me in Homewood, IL-January 2023.

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